We have a logo!

We have a winning logo! Congratulations to Jordan who designed this brilliant logo!

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Sunday, 22 November 2009

Video: Happy 1st birthday, Ratscallion's Hints!

Happy Birthday, Ratscallion's hints!

It's been a whole year since the first post was made on this blog, and around that since the first video was uploaded to the YouTube Channel. To celebrate, I made a video, a birthday video.

Happy Birthday, Ratscallion's Hints (the video's above).

Also, conveniently timed, I set a competition for a logo for this blog, and, here it is, the winning logo:

Logo 1. Brilliantly designed by Jordan, it has all the things that were needed in the criteria, the text, the avatar and the windows/Ubuntu logos. Brilliant I say! And it's the perfect dimensions!

The logo's going to stay in the widget thingy at the top of the blog for a few weeks, then it'll move to the side.

In Other News: We've got at least 2 videos left before the end of the decade, and I think I've decided on what they're going to be. Like this one was, it's going to be photo/screenshot + narration based, but also VERY informative.

For now,

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Video: How to use an Ubuntu Live CD

Woo! In this video, I show you how to use and set up your computer to be able to use an Ubuntu Live CD:

Once you've got your Live CD, boot up your computer and put it in the tray. Shut down your machine, and then boot again with it in the tray (or drive if you don't have a tray like a Mac). If it doesn't boot, you've got 2 options: Enter and configurate your BIOS to boot from CD first, then the Hard Drive (shown in the video), or press F12 (only if your BIOS supports it), and select the "boot from CD/DVD" option.

Now you've booted. Select the language that you want to use in the Live CD, this can be changed both in the Live CD and when you install the system. Unless you want to go for the straight install, you're going to want the "Try Ubuntu with no change to your computer" option. Select it with the arrow keys and press enter.

The Live CD will now load, and it'll take quite a while to boot, though it'll be way quicker if you install the system, as it's running from the CD.

Once it's finished loading, you'll be logged in as the "Live CD User" automatically, and then you can begin playing around with the system and seeing if it all works with your hardware. If you've got any problems with hardware (the most common ones are graphics, sound and wi-fi) you can either ask me in the comments, or have a look in the Ubuntu Forums for answers.

In Other news: The birthday/logo video/post will be up later today. :-)

For now,

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Many Apologies

Apologies in advance for what is about to be said:

Unfortunately, I've been on Linux today, and have not been able of doing it.. Hopefully, however, I should have it done by Saturday and, if it comes to that, we'll be getting TWO videos then!

Wow.. Two.

In Other News: Competition entry will come inside the birthday video post.

For now,

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Almost Birthday time!


As you may have realised, there's no birthday video yet.. I still need to do that.. Should hopefully be doing that once I've done this report I need to do.. Eugh.

If it's not done, however, which may be the case, then I apologise in advance and it, along with the next instalment of Ubuntu Live CD will be put onto the channel on Saturday at the VERY LATEST.

Apologies for any inconvience caused.

In other news: We have a logo! Just check the poll at the top of the blog for the winning logo, I'll be doing a dedicated post for it in the Birthday Post!

For now,

Saturday, 14 November 2009

Video: Ubuntu Live CD Unboxing

Although a little later than I wanted it to be, this video is here and you can watch it below.

It, like some of the other videos, have a HD button on the embedded player, though this is just due to the dimensions of the intro (and the fact I set it this way :P). Unfortunately, the camera I used was a stills one and isn't optimised for video. This explains both the rubbish audio (I should have post-edited that in.. :/) and the rubbish video... Ouch. So the main of it isn't HD, but the intro is, so you don't need to worry about pressing that button :P

There it is, and here's the details:

To get more information on Ubuntu and order the CD for yourself, just go to:

I think that this is one of the best things I've got in the post for AGES and enjoy using Ubuntu at all times. If you have any queries, just contact me by either using the comments, going to my Twitter and replying me or going to the contact page.

In Other News: This time next week we'll be seeing the next instalment of this series of videos. Remind me if I've not done it by Thursday!

For now,

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

5 Videos before the end of the decade!

I've got an announcement!

This announcement is as follows:
I have 5, yup, that's right, 5, videos coming up before the year ends. Which, seeing on the progress so far, it's been one video a month on average and there's around a month and a half until 2010.

I think I'll only tell you a portion of that list of 5 videos, the rest, however, will be left to be revealed at a later date.

The first three of those videos are as follows:
  1. Ubuntu 9.04 Live CD unboxing
  2. Ubuntu Live CD walkthrough (basically, how to use a Live CD)
  3. The two together. I'll do the two on their own, then one with the two combined.
That's all I'm saying... For now...

For now,

A brief Introductory Video to RATSCALLION