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Tuesday, 23 December 2008

Coming Soon...

The next video isntalment that I will put onto YouTube will probably be in the New Year, so
 those of you who are wishing for one now, then I'm sorry, you'll have to wait. It will be quite a while into January becuase
 sometime in January I am getting a new laptop, which, as with Windows, (Sigh) will probably be in a few seperate boxes, and take 5 hours to set up. After actually installing Vista, I have then to customize and tweak it in the needed ways. Finally, after all that Camtasia 6 will be isntalled, allowing me to capture and edit video, Hoorah. After Camtasia, I will use my newly delivered Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex Operating System onto the laptop. Once all that is configured and set up, I will then install the video program and all the codec so I can begin to make videos for that. As you can see it will take sometime until I continue the video making job. However, I do now know what the next two videos I make will be. The first will be about making your own mouse cursor, done which can be done on both Windows and Ubuntu, and the second will be an overview of my Ubuntu desktop. The ubuntu desktop video will be leading up to the series of videos on customizing the ubuntu desktop for different uses and how to do so. 
nless anything major crops up. I'll see you in the new year so, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! :)

For now,
A very festive Ratscallion

Video: Army Of Nine

The Ratscallion Christmas Special, Army Of Nine, has been officially uploaded to YouTube. I also have it here for those of you who prefer to watch my videos on my blog. Feel free to comment, but do so to YouTube not this post please, thanks. I thank Crackle.com for letting me download the video and use it here.
Well, here it is, I'll say only, Enjoy!

For now,

Saturday, 20 December 2008

A little surprise

I managed to find a small hamster toy thing on the Internet. I do find it quite addictive myself. Therefore, I have placed it as a gadget at the side of the blog. Feel free to do whatever you want with him.
Click anywhere in the area to drop food there
Click in the centre of the wheel to make him roll around
Hover your mouse anywhere and he will follow it.
I will change the pet each month, so keep watching out for new arrivals.
I will not pre-post on the new animal, it will always be a surprise.
Until the New Year it will be a hamster, however, if I can find a Christmas one, I will replace the hamster with that, and the hamster will apear in the new year.

For now

Friday, 19 December 2008

Coming Soon...

Coming soon, soon as in tomorrow at 2.00pm GMT, I will post the latest, quite off topic, video, Army Of Nine, I have a two Screenshots here of the video just as a sneaky preview for blog viewers, remember, this is not on my YouTube channel so its exclusive to blog viewers only. Army of Nine is about reindeers being able to train to work for Santa to help deliver presents.
The first one is the Thumbnail Preview, the Second one is the ad for it within the first 15 seconds of the video clip.

For Now,

Video: Customize your Mouse Cursor

The video has just now been released to the public on YouTube. It's the one we've all been waiting for! Customize your mouse cursor is here for your viewing pleasure WOOP!!

Just a few video notes as usual.
First of all, go to my favourite website for mouse cursors: http://customize.org
Click on cursors in the Browse Menu.
Find one you like and download it.
Unzip the archive
Open up Control panel and Click Mouse
Go to Pointers Tab
Browse for the cursors in the unzipped folder
Do the browsing for the rest of the cursors.
Save it
Apply Changes

Then you have your own mouse cursor instead of the BORING Windows Default. However, those on Windows XP I do recommend the Windows Vista cursor as it is a good change to the eggtimer, however, I now use the Mac OS X cursor because it is very decorative.

Up Coming Video: A Christmas Special, Off Topic very much, but it is quite humorous, it's called Army Of Nine, I downloaded it via my PSP. About training Reindeer for Santa.
For now

A Little Notice

I have realised that I have not posted for a while, and I am sure most of you have. This is simply because I have been very busy trying to get Ubuntu (recently installed in Wubi) to work the way I want it to and configure it. Since I cannot get it to work with AOL, (USB Modem is a pain) I have needed to resort to downloading everything in Windows or on my PSP. Both of which are annoying, Windows for being so slow and my PSP for having a portable Internet Browser instead of a full one. However, I will post my next video on the site shortly. I am thinking at the moment on what it will be about, currently Im thinking Ubuntu, because of what I have recently been doing, but it may not be. It SHOULD but may not be ready by Christmas, and I will have an extra, slightly off topic video posted at Christmas too.

Merry Christmas everyone.
"And, as Tiny Tim observed, "God Bless Us, Everyone!"" A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens.
Sorry for the delay.


Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Most of you may not need to read this post  as it may not apply, but many of you have been e-mailing my YouTube account asking what is the point of the videos. Well I'll explain it now.
The first video, fulfilled its purpose, a simple introduction to me, and a little preview of my two sites - simple.
The second video - file extensions and hidden files- is a little more technical. This video is linked to my upcoming video - how to make your own mouse cursors, where you MUST change the file extension this way. This trick is also useful for changing a jpeg into a gif and viewing some hidden folders. Plus, if you want to play a prank on other users by going into their startup folders and placing a trick (for example a shutdown command) and you want to hide it, this is the way to go. Furthermore, this tweak is a USER ONLY SETTING therefore, the above mention works brilliantly because if they check their startup for the annoying application it will appear there is nothing there.
Just a little note. Until next time

A brief Introductory Video to RATSCALLION